Girl and Wolf

Cursed by the black sky that whirled her in a daze,
Of fearful flutters that were not butterflies but bats with sharpened teeth,
Washed her colour from her baby face that was white as ancient clouds,
And rested on a rock while her innocence buried in dirt beneath.

Her only friend in this lifetime of a nightmare,
The lone wolf with golden eyes,
He howled at the moon in her defence,
For it told her wicked lies.

The dark sky snickered at the wolf and girl,
For it held all the dice that could be rolled,
But girl had wolf and wolf stood by,
And endured every toll.

Wolf had paws that dug girls soul out from the ground,
And revealed that dirt had filled each innocent breath,
Each dig discovered new shades of,
Everything the girl had felt.

The wolf began to boil with rage,
This girl had been cut so deep,
Her blood no longer sunk into,
This big great wolf’s dirt heap.

It flooded through valleys and streets of people,
And burned them all alive,
The sky had poisoned this girls veins,
Her blood slicing like a knife.

The wolf’s eyes flickered the colour of girl’s poison,
The sky for once learnt fear,
The wolf grew up tall as mountains,
And dragged sky by the ear.

Wolf tore apart the darkness,
And opened up sky’s wounds,
To find a light that hid behind
All sky’s many tombs.

The sky, like you, like me, like girl,
Had once had heart and soul,
The sky grown black with each ugly lie,
That sky had once been told.

Wolf killed sky and whimpered to girl,
Yearning for her comfort,
The girl clutched wolf’s fur,
And lay there until sunset.

The orange sky glistened over,
the blood valleys and streets that had,
Once been filled with poisoned blood,
Their lives now strong and glad.

The people rose with fresh ideas,
Of how wolf and girl could rule,
This orange sky that smelt of hope,
And played music to all fools.

The pleasure that the orange gifted,
Was soft like honey on your tongue,
It tasted of a new relief
A remedy for some.

Those whose hearts struck evil chords,
And played wicked notes for all,
Would taste this honey and be set free
From wickedness galore.

Girl and wolf alone at last,
To find a home with sun,
All living in an orange home,
Their friendship like no ones.

Byron 🌊🍃

Just a quick video of me and Liv hitting up our favourite Aussie beach and coffee place☕️ – love this song (If Only I Could Ease Your Mind by Art of Sleeping)! ✨

Liv’s Instagram: oliviawilleyy 💥

My April Favourites

1. If Only You Could Ease My Mind by Art of Sleeping
2. Cigarette Daydreams by Cage The Elephant
3. Blushing by Ball Park Music
4. Greek Tragedy by The Wombats
5. Mango Tree by Angus & Julia Stone
6. She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks
7. Same Drugs by The Rubens
8. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer
9. B Side by San Cisco
10. Forest Gump by Frank Ocean

These are my most listened to songs this April- some of them are oldies but classics xo